Insert sappy ’90s graduation ballad here…

Kate and Lawana GoucherGrad15 (2)

Many photos were taken this day, including this one by my good friend Elle Moore.  We studied together at Goucher College, and I am so thankful for all the great colleagues I have come to know in this program!

This was a celebration not only for me, but my long suffering spouse.  We had a great trip, with early morning runs around the Baltimore Inner Harbor, touring all of the historic ships, unleashing our imagination at the American Visionary Art Museum and totally geeking out at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  To top it all off, the food!  If you are like me and have food allergies, you know how exciting it is to find great food you can eat.  The highlight of the trip might have been getting to eat a breakfast that consisted of more than a macchiato.  In all my travels, nothing compares with US breakfasts!

GTBH Tip: If you find yourself in the downtown Baltimore area, stop in for  amazing allergen-free food at Sweet 27.

With this chapter in my life coming to an end, I look forward to more Globe Trotting and more Building Hugging.  I have so many places to see, and so many buildings to explore.  I hope you will come along.